Hello! My name is Jessica, and I am a lot of things. First, I am a wife and mother to two sweet children who are full of personality. I adore them with my whole heart and I am pretty sure being a mom is literally the most rewarding (and hardest!) job ever.

I am a creative. I really REALLY enjoy making things with my hands and find it super empowering to be able to say, ‘ya, I made that.’ Sewing and quilting, weaving, and cross-stitch are a few of my favs.

I am an adventurer. I have a huge passion for getting outside and love the high that comes after a long hike or a run on a freshly groomed ski slope. I like pushing myself and seeing what I can accomplish, and that’s what getting outside does for me.

Sweetgrass Creative came about one month before my second child was born. I had an itch that needed to be scratched! I opened an Etsy shop selling cross-stitched family portraits, and ten months later put on my first crafty workshop. I now put on workshops in Alberta, Montana, and Idaho (have craft supplies, will travel!) and love spreading my knowledge, encouraging you to create and helping you feel like you can create anything (cause you can)!

I am Jessica, a mother, wife, creative, and an adventurer, but it all goes so much deeper than that. My mission as founder of Sweetgrass Creative is to share with you how I try to live a creative and intentional life by doing what I love, not trying to fit into a mold. And I’m figuring out, it’s a pretty dang good way to live. So glad you’re here!

Chief Mountain



Growing up in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada, the mountains were a huge part of my life. Chief Mountain is an icon to locals and it is the face of and inspiration behind Sweetgrass Creative. Living in Northwest Montana now, I get out to these mountains every chance I get.

Photo Courtesy Leah Lorna Photography