Beechmont, Queensland Australia

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We were on the hunt for a paragliding spot and found Beechmont in Queensland, which would have been the most epic of flights EVER. I was obsessed with the place. Unfortunately, paragliding depends fully on the wind and the weather, and conditions weren’t quite right.

3A1A9131 3A1A9130

I was giddy to hang out with some local Aussies though. These guys build and fly remote control gliders; you can see the tiny red tip sticking out of the grass in that first photo. They were ballers at it, and the gliders fly using the air currents so it was super interesting to watch them huck the things into the air and catch an air current. They’d get more and more lift and then dive bomb for the hills.

3A1A9129 3A1A9142

Perfect afternoon hanging out with a beautiful view and great company!

Tees are MHCCO

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