Whitefish Montana Craft Workshop

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Guess who’s back? Back again…

(pause while I watch the music video for that Slim Shady song…)

But seriously! I’m back and ready for action! I’ve been working hard and am ready to share the latest workshop event news! If you’re looking for things to do in Whitefish Montana, look no further than August 5 in the coziest little lake (and ski) town in the Flathead Valley. We will be DIY’ing our hearts out! Let’s take a look at what we will be creating, shall we…


The world is obsessed with metallics lately, and I’m obsessed with boho, so let’s learn how to gold leaf pots for succulents! I wanted this workshop to have an earthy feel, so I am really trying to incorporate a lot of natural elements.

Leather beaded keychains are next on the list! There will be a ton of bead and leather options, but these giant blue geometric beads are my fav.

Finally, the star of the show! Dreamcatchers! I have had a love for dream catchers for a long while now, and I am obsessed with these ones. They bring together two worlds, with their real deerskin leather and faux sinew top (what the Native American’s used to weave dreamcatchers back in the day), to the boho, 70’s inspired bottom. If you look closely you can see a few crystals hanging from her!


These dreamcatchers are so easily customized to whatever feel you want them to put off- there will be so many trim and leather options available for you to choose from! (And I’m thinking about working on a fabric wrapped version for those who want a more vintage feel.) EEP! So good.

I work hard to make sure all the crafts are easy to make and the instructions easy to follow. And I PROMISE you will finish all the crafts in time to take them home and use THAT DAY! No more half finished projects lying around the house causing you grief. I got you, girl.

CLICK THIS LINK to purchase your ticket! Here’s what you’re hard earned money gets you:

  • Access to tons of craft supplies. Everything is provided for you! Just bring your sweet self (and maybe a pair of scissors). I’ll provide the instruction and knowledge to complete the crafts and pass it on to you! And if you’re struggling, me and my team are there to help!
  • Swag bags and prizes! I’ve rounded up some amazing businesses to give away great prizes, and you’re ticket is your drawing entry. EVERYONE takes home a tote bag with goodies, so really, everyone wins! Yay for equality!
  • Food, food, food. The healthy stuff, the sweet stuff. It’s all there just waiting for you to devour it.

CLICK THIS LINK and I will see you in August! Party on!

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Getting Stitchy With It Boise!

| Cross Stitch

Hellooooo friends!

It has truly been a hot minute since I announced a workshop, and I’m so excited to invite you all to the second Family Portrait Cross Stitch Workshop, this time in Boise, Idaho!

It will be on Saturday, March 4 from 10 am – 1 pm, at a very secret, very underground location. But really, the venue is TBD and will be announced shortly! The GREAT part about a workshop at this hour is 2 things: DONUTS and going out to lunch with your gf’s afterward. Like, hello perfect girls day out?!

And speaking of donuts, there will be snacky items to satisfy your creative sugar-and-carb-loving brain muscles, and fruit because sometimes I regret donuts early in the morning, and tea! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I just have to have yummy food while I craft. It’s all part of the process.


SO. Here’s what’s in it for you! Each attendee will receive:

  • A custom cross stitch family portrait of up to 8 people, made by me and sent to you digitally and in printed form, so you can stitch at home or on the go
  • A kit complete with everything you need to get started stitching, including embroidery hoop, aida cloth, a color legend and coordinating floss colors
  • 3 hours instruction time with me and printed basic cross stitch instructions
  • A tote to take it all home in with extra goodies from our sponsors, too!


I always love to involve local and small businesses when I can, so we will have prizes to give away at the workshop as well, which might just be the BEST part! Lizzie from Stitch People has given me one of her AMAZING DIY Stitch People Books to give away, (!!!!!) and attendees automatically get 10 extra entries! (The book will be given away on Instagram on March 5, so make sure you follow along there!)


BUT WAIT! BEFORE YOU BUY, until February 16, use code STITCH10 to get 10% off your ticket! OR sign up with a friend and use code MYBESTIE to each get $20 off your ticket (when purchased together).

This part is important. TICKET SALES CLOSE 2/22 to allow me enough time to complete your patterns.

Can’t wait to get stitchy with you!

xo Jessica

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Flathead Valley Tuesdays Together

| Creatives, Mompreneur

rising tide society whitefish montana

When I lived in Boise, I attended a chapter of a worldwide meetup for creative entrepreneurs designed to bring together individuals in a spirit of community over competition. It’s organized by the Rising Tide Society and called Tuesdays Together. (Cause it was always on a Tuesday, duh.) It was a couple hours once a month, where I could chat my brain off about everything creative business that I sometimes felt like I had noone to talk to about.

tuesdays together montana whitefish kalispell

Well GREAT NEWS, people of Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Kalispell and surrounding areas! There is now a creative meetup for YOU! Starting in December, the Flathead Valley will have it’s own group. It is open to all creative entrepreneurs- photographers, bloggers, event planners, social media managers, virtual assistants, designers, DIY’ers, small business owners, etc. If you have something to contribute to the conversation, we want you there!

tuesdays together montana whitefish kalispell

We’ll feed off each others expertise, brainstorm, network, and MAKE WAVES in our community by being a support system for each other.

You can join the Facebook group here to get info on meetups and ask any question your entrepreneur heart desire. Spread the word and we’ll SEE YOU THERE!

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How To Frame a Cross Stitch

| Cross Stitch, Maker, Tutorials

Good day! I’m real excited to share this quick and easy tutorial! This is my favorite method when framing a cross stitch so I hope you find it helpful too! (It would work for an embroidery  piece as well.)

How To Frame a Cross Stitch

Prep Work: Iron your cross stitch and pick out a frame.

how to frame a cross stitch

1. The most important thing to watch for when framing your cross stitch is that you get it STRAIGHT. Use a ruler, pins, double sided tape… whatever it takes cause you will be super frustrated if you get finished and it’s not straight. (Speaking from experience here…)

Pick out your frame and remove the little paper that comes in the frame. This will be your ‘pattern.’ (If it’s not the right color, just trace it onto a piece of cardstock that is right.) Line it up on your cross stitch and double check with the frame over top to be sure that it looks good and is straight!

how to frame a cross stitch

how to frame a cross stitch

2. Trim up your cloth. Leave about 2 inches on each side and snip the corners so they aren’t bulky and obnoxious.


how to frame a cross stitch

how to frame a cross stitch

3. Double check AGAIN that your cross stitch is straight before you iron it! Aida cloth is typically really stiff, so it will be tough to undo the pressing that you’ve done after this step. BE WARNED!

Press each side over your paper pattern, short sides first, followed by long.

how to frame a cross stitch

how to frame a cross stitch

how to frame a cross stitch

4. Once pressed, choose an embroidery floss the same color as your paper pattern (so there is no chance of seeing it once it’s framed.) Tie a knot in the end of a long piece. I like to go worst case scenario, so I use about 1.5 arm lengths for this size. It does depend on the size of your cross stitch and how many times you go back and forth across the back of your piece. Use your best judgement.

Zig zag across the back of the piece, starting with the short sides first, as shown. Secure it with a knot.

how to frame a cross stitch

5. Repeat, this time stitching together the long sides.

cross stitch family - how to frame a cross stitch

6. Pop it in your frame and voila! You’ve done it, you crafty little genius you!

how to frame a cross stitch family

If you’ve used this tutorial or have any questions, please tell me in the comments!

Happy stitching!

xo Jessica

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5 Perfect Podcasts for Mompreneurs

| Mompreneur


Podcasts are TOTALLY taking off. I mean, I know they’ve been a thing for a long time, but I feel like now everyone and their dog has a podcast. I LOVE IT! I love podcasts, and here is why:

  • I can mindlessly listen while doing ANYTHING. Washing dishes, folding laundry, dejunking for hours on end (which is what I’ve been doing lately.)
  • There are ALL KINDS of podcasts out there! Heck, my brother has a podcast dedicated to all things video game family (it’s called Nintendo Dads!) and I’ve even seen a podcast called Pet Tao Podcast, where one episode was titled “How to Meet the Needs of your Cat.” Yup, this is real stuff, people.
  • They allow me to connect with people I don’t even know. I love the intimacy that a podcast can give, especially when it’s just one person chatting for a full episode.
  • They are easily accessible, and freeeeeee! (Cause if you know me, you know I’m kiiiiiiinda cheap.)

So here we go! We are going to break down my 5 favorite podcasts for that mompreneur life. (You can search all these using the Podcasts App on your iPhone, but I’ve linked them here too!)

  1. This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt
    If you have heard of or followed Michael Hyatt, you know that he’s got a lot of information to share. (He has a super helpful tutorial on how to set up your WordPress site here that I used myself to set up THIS VERY SITE!) His topics range from business, to self-help, to leadership. There are 8 seasons, so TONS of listening material here
  2. Being Boss
    Being Boss is a total lady boss podcast and I LOVE the girl power that oozes from it. Listen to it if you are looking to run a business while still taking GOOD care of yourself. Emily and Kathleen are business owners themselves and are a dream pair- hilarious and way freakin’ smart.
  3. The Marvelous Moms Club Podcast
    I just listened to 9 episodes of this on our most recent drive from Montana to Idaho. Kirsten interviews a TON of amazing moms with a variety of backgrounds- bloggers, bizness ladies, stay at home moms- and each episode is SO good. Just real upliftting, informative stuff that feels real nice to listen to. (Next time you have an hour to spare, go listen to episode 117. It will make you feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy.)
  4. Christy Wright’s Business Boutique
    This is a fairly new podcast with only 6 episodes but I can already tell it’s going to be good. Christy’s blog also has a ton of great information and make sure you check out the Business Boutique, a business conference for women in Nashville.
  5. The Smart Passive Income Podcast
    Honestly, a lot of the information in this podcast is over my head. BUT I still listen to this because it GETS MY ENGINES FIRED UP! It motivated me to say, “THIS is where I want to be in a year. Or 2 years. Or 5 years.” That being said, a lot of the episodes are NOT over my head. C’mon guys…. give me some credit.

Aaaaaand if you want some bonus material, I also like Serial (bandwagonner over here), PaleOMG Uncensored (Juli just babbles on and on about health & fitness. It’s great mindless listening BUT be warned, it is uncensored) and This American Life by NPR.

What podcasts do you love? Or do you HAVE YOUR OWN podcast? I’d love to listen! Let me know in the comments!

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Mama & Maker

| Mompreneur, Motherhood


Good day to you, fellow creative. Can I tell you a secret? I’ve been feeling really alone lately. Not lonely, just a lone. Let me explain:

My sister lives in Australia. Ya, it’s awesome, cause I have somewhere to stay and an excuse to go to Australia, but it’s also stupid (we can only FaceTime after 4pm my time, which is like, the witching hour). She’s a photographer and a mother of one, and always helps me out whenever I need her, like teaching me how the heck Lightroom works and designing my logo. Recently all we’ve really been talking about is this: Why can’t we just be happy in the role of a mother? Wouldn’t that be so EASY?

And I really thought things like, ‘all those other moms who run businesses, they LOVE it. They feel fulfilled! Nobody else feels like we do!!!’ Gosh, guys, I feel like an IDIOT. I totally got sucked into the mentality that everybody else’s life is sunshine and roses. BUT I have been LOVING the Marvelous Moms Club podcast lately and in episode 82 they talk about this EXACT THING.

Why do we feel the push to do something over and above being a mom? Does it stem from a lack of self worth? A desire to bring in more income? Are we super human and need more of a challenge than taking care of one or several tiny humans?!

I believe in God. I believe that we have all been given talents and gifts, whether a physical gift like tap dancing or gymnastics (gosh I wish my parents would have put me in gymnastics), or an emotional gift like really understanding people, being a good listener, or being empathetic.

I believe that this nagging feeling I have to keep putting myself out there means that I have something to share. And while I still get in my own head and tell myself negative things and that I have nothing unique to share, I’m gonna keep plugging along cause I’VE BEEN CALLED TO THIS, guys! And you might feel like you’ve been called to something, too.

So, what do you do? Do you squish it, hoping that nobody will notice those bees buzzing in your brain and you can go back to your typical schedule of chauffering children around, attempting to take care of yourself, feeding an army (at least thats what it feels like), and feeling really really comfortable and SAFE?

Or do you stockpile self-help books in your Amazon cart because you are PUMPED about this feeling, google every article known to man about ‘how to start a business,’ start attending meetups for creatives and reaching out to small business owners on social media?

I had a really really powerful desire to put on craft workshops for a long time before I got the guts to just DO IT. And the doing it was the scariest part, but you guys, it was SO WORTH IT. And even if you’re just making the world better by making people a tiny bit happier, than you are doing something great.

I love you, and thanks for reading.



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Kite Flight Quilt

| Quilts


I’ve not been on top of my quilts in 2016. At the beginning of the year i bought this awesome little quilting organizer from Maker Valley, filled it out all nicely, kept it on my sewing table for a little while, and then stashed it away in the back of a fabric box somewhere. Oops. This fancy lady was the only one to leave the pack of WIP’s. LIFE, AM I RIGHT!?

(WIP = work in progress, btw)

(btw = by the way, lol)

(lol = laugh out loud)

okay I’m done.


If you are a beginner quilter, this is a great pattern! It starts with sewing three long strips of colors together, bordering them with white, then cutting the strips on an angle. So really a lot of straight line sewing; piece of cake! The trick comes when you sew those angled sections together. Lining up the edges is the greatest challenge you’ll face with this one.


I purchased the entire kit for this quilt top (not including batting, backing, and binding) from Craftsy HERE. It’s sold out, but there are SO many great kits on there, and they usually have great sales too!

20160608-dsc_0019 20160608-dsc_0026

I used Warm and Plush, a thicker, heavier batting, and had it machine quilted and hand bound it in some swiss cross fabric I found at Jo-Ann’s.


Hooray for my first finish of 2016! Better late than never? How have you been doing on your project finishes? Slacking (like me) or are you a work horse? Let me know in the comments!



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Lethbridge Weaving Workshop with Weaves and Stitches

| Workshops

Guys, I honestly feel like someone has stuffed my life in a paint can, locked it into the paint can shaker thingy, hit the green button and just sat and watched for the last 5 months. Summer was amazing: I did a lot of camping, hiked a lot of miles, spent tons of 1-on-1 time with my kiddos, bonded with my sissy who lives way to freaking far away, and put on my first free event and an AMAZING workshop. After 3 weeks living in a trailer outside of our new home of Whitefish, Montana, we have a place to live! We moved in 2 weeks ago! And it took all of those two weeks until someone could come hook up internet. (Guys, how does anyone live without wifi? how?!) We still don’t have some furniture (couch, kids beds, desk) but at least we don’t live in the trailer anymore!

I’m feeling like I’m getting a little closer to my usual life and self, but with a big move and big changes I’m sure it’s gonna take some time until I find my groove again. But at least I can stream Netflix now!

In July, I worked with Leslie of Weaves and Stitches to bring a fabulous weaving workshop to Lethbridge Alberta! Check out these photos by my fabulous sister, Amy Steed Photography. She’s always coming to my rescue when I need her.

Let’s start with talking about food. Guys, if you go to a crafty workshop where there is no food, YOU ARE BEING ROBBED OF YOUR EXPERIENCE. I mean, at least have a yummy drink. I prefer this one, a fresh and hydrating concoction brought to you by The Alison Show. Find it here. And then make it for every event you host or attend.20160720-3a1a8918
Also, donuts. I mean, I’m not a real HUGE donut fan, but I AM a huge Timbit fan. Tim Horton’s knows the way to my heart. You can sit and pop these babies like popcorn and it’s just so satisfying. (USA peeps, I’m sorry if you have never had these. I’m not entirely sure they are different than any other donut holes but they are DELICIOUS and small enough to eat in one bite and also addicting. You’ve been warned.)


We also had some tasty trail mix and roasted chickpeas on each table. Because I like to balance the self indulgence of the donut holes with the healthy chickpeas? And because, I get it, some people prefer salty over sweet! And some people have self control!


Our swag bags included everything you need to become a pro weaver yourself, including a notebook to sketch out your designs and a motivational print from Elevated Market, all tucked in a Sweetgrass Creative tote! Check out the Brave print, it’s my favoriteeeee.


Now, look at this yaaaaaaarn. A local Etsy shop, A to Z Alpacas donated some roving to this pretty pile and Leslie did a wonderful job of picking out the other yarns! Those chunkier yarns are seriously so beautiful in real life, I want one of every color.

20160720-3a1a8955 20160720-3a1a8950

Students had the option to BYOL (bring your own loom) or have one provided to take home. At this workshop, all our students were beginner weavers so everyone got a loom provided.


Now, ONTO THE MAIN EVENT! Leslie was so great about showing each weaving concept. I personally am a visual learner, and with something that is so hands on I’m sure this is the best way to learn. She was so great about answering any questions anyone had and taking the time to walk around and check on each student.

20160720-3a1a8923 20160720-3a1a8925 20160720-3a1a8938 20160720-3a1a8939 20160720-3a1a8942

Rya knots galore! I am obsessed with the variety that workshops bring to a craft, or at least my perception of a craft. It helps me to think outside the box and step outside of my usual aesthetics. But the BEST part of these workshops is that nobody is looking over their shoulders, wondering what their neighbor is working on. Nobody is self-conscious or comparing or judging. It’s just a lady and her loom, with her brain and hands working on creating something beautiful. And I love that.

Now, enjoy a TON of photos!

20160720-3a1a8947 20160720-3a1a894420160720-3a1a8946

Above is a peak at some of the roving! I diiiiie.

20160720-3a1a8973 20160720-3a1a8978 20160720-3a1a8983 20160720-3a1a8976 20160720-3a1a8981 20160720-3a1a8988 20160720-3a1a8999 20160720-3a1a9003 20160720-3a1a9005 20160720-3a1a9014 20160720-3a1a9007 20160720-3a1a9000 20160720-3a1a8989 20160720-3a1a897420160720-3a1a8997

See what I mean? The master teacher!

20160720-3a1a8995 20160720-3a1a8993 20160720-3a1a9019 20160720-3a1a9027

And that’s a wrap! I had so much fun and honestly I LOVE putting on workshops. Look at these ladies! I just love them. If you ever have a location or craft request, don’t hesitate to e-mail me! And soon I’ll be available to HIRE for private events like work parties, baby and bridal showers, girls nights out, ETC. so THAT is pretty exciting!

Love you all and thanks for stopping by!


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Lethbridge Alberta Weaving Workshop

| Workshops

Lethbridge Weaving Craft Workshop


I am SO excited to announce my first collaborative workshop with Leslie of Weaves and Stitches! I attended a workshop of Leslie’s in March and she got me addicted to weaving. I straight away went to every thrift shop in town and scoured the shelves for packs of old yarn so I could weave in bed and watch crappy TV. My favorite past time! Ha!

Leslie and I are putting on this event in McNally at the community center, which used to be an old school. It’s a cool space, (they rent out old classrooms to artists!) which is a must for a Sweetgrass Creative workshop. You can find it at Township Rd 82, Alberta T0K 0T0, just 2 miles outside of Lethbridge.

You can get tickets HERE and find more info on what is included in your admission. We can’t wait to get crafty with you!

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FREE Coloring Party – Waterton, Alberta

| Family, Kids, Workshops

IT’S OFFICIAL! Waterton and Sweetgrass Creative are combining again to bring you another amazing event! (Check out last years workshop here.) This year we are doing something a little different. Allow me to present to you….


Waterton National Park Event


A HUGE thank you to The Waterton Park Community Association, who has sponsored this event venue. The community center is where the previous workshop was held in Waterton. Check out some photos of the space here! We have some pretty awesome sponsors lined up, going to make this event the BOMB.COM.

Brittany Jepson of The House that Lars Built has donated coloring pages from her book Flowers. I am obsessed with this book and it’s scientific chart style of displaying flowers, along with pretty bouquets and patterns. All supplies are provided, so just bring your legit self and get ready to zen out to some coloring. (Feel free to bring your own book/coloring utensils if you have something specific you want to work on!)

waterton coloring free event

Tamarack & Waterton Outdoor Adventures have donated a gift card to give away. It can be used toward sweet outdoor gear, OR a sweet outdoor adventure. Your pick! Opera House Ice Cream, located on the Opera House (aka movie theater) building, is donating ice cream vouchers to give away. I scream, you scream, WHO DOESN’T LOVE FREE ICE CREAM?!

Drop in, color for an hour, or two, or maybe stay for three I don’t know…. eat some trail mix and treats, win some stuff, and make Sweetgrass Creative a part of your day outdoors in beautiful Waterton.

Waterton Free Event

I legitimately cannot wait to see you there!


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