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The second Sweetgrass Creative DIY craft workshop was at this dreamy barn in Hidden Springs, Idaho. It was a warm fall day just perfect for eating and crafting with friends.

All photos by Chantel Cherie Photography

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Ladies stamped name tags and entered their name to win a fabulous prize from our amazing sponsors!



Mile High Clothing Co.    Feral Watches    Cozy Blue    Paperie & Pen
Seamaid Market    Lucky Lamb & Co.    The Dapper Jackalope


Now, I don’t want to say that people come to Sweetgrass Creative workshops for the food, but this spread was amazing! Thanks to my good friend Lisa for the homemade bruschetta and fancy meat and cheese platter, and Michelle for her delicious pumpkin cookies. I ate the leftovers for days after. It was perfect.

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Check out all these pretty notions! Although we learned to roll our own felt balls, we used balls from Ta Daa Studio in our project due to the drying time of the balls.

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We embroidered mini banners, learned to roll those ever popular felt balls ourselves, weaved and adorned embroidery hoop dreamcatchers, and finished off the day with leather gold-leafed keychains. A day packed full of crafting and great company!


Kits for these banners can be found in my Etsy shop, Sweetgrass Creative!


Holy perfect lighting. Fall in Boise is pretty perfect.

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I love seeing all these ladies getting their craft on, and the variety of people that come out for these events. It was so fun to meet new faces and connect with other makers!

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Thank you so so much to all the ladies that came out and made my day, and a HUGE thanks to Chantel for the amazing photos. I LOVE putting on these workshops but they couldn’t be done without all of your (YES YOU!) support. Thank you all, and I’ll see you at the next one!

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