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Hello and WELCOME to our first Do What You Love feature. This is a new series featuring humans who are obsessed with what they do. In this feature, you may find photographers, makers, mountain climbers, mothers, health fanatics, and anything in between. I am super excited about it because I get super excited when people LOVE what they do despite what society tells them they “should” do! That has been drilled into my head since I was a kid by a loving father who has had a million hobbies in his lifetime. Find what you love and DO IT. I could talk on this subject all day.

But I won’t! Please welcome Kristi of Kristi Makes! She is my cousin who lives on the other side of the country but we still share a common love of fancy fox quilts and cross stitching.

Hi! My name is Kristi Guerrette and I am a wife, mother, and amateur fabric hoarder. I spend my spare moments creating and sharing those creations on Instagram @kristimakes. I also design cross stitch patterns that I sell on Etsy. I am constantly listening to podcasts, doing loads of laundry, and dreaming up new quilt projects.

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I have always loved making. I got it from my mama! She is an expert quilter, and she also cross stitches, paints, paper crafts, and dabbles in just about everything. I think I share similar interests with Jessica from Sweetgrass Creative because we get it from our parents and grandparents (that we happen to share because we are cousins). It’s fun to see how similar our interests are even though we live so far apart.

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I live in the Boston area with my family and my workspace is small because we rent a loft apartment. I do all my sewing on my mom’s old Bernina sewing machine on our kitchen table that also doubles as our home office. While sewing and quilting I listen to several podcasts – #girlboss radio, Reply All, Serial, and StartUp are some of my current faves. I do all my cross stitch work on my couch – whether that is sketching future projects in a grid notebook, designing on my laptop, or choosing thread colors from my rainbow-organized stash. I love when I can end a day sitting on the couch making x’s with a needle and thread for hours on end.

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I was hesitant at first to start an Etsy shop and to put myself out there on social media with what I was creating. I was worried that people would think it was weird for a 20-something to be making quilts and be into cross stitch. But I have loved finding out that there are people just like me making such amazing things and I have been so inspired by what people are capable of creating.

fair isle cross stitch kristi makes

My advice to anyone starting a new hobby or starting to show-and-tell what they are making is to find your people where you hang out on social media (whether that is Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) and become a part of the community. It can be hard to find time to make things but sharing them with people who think they are awesome has given me so much encouragement. That alone has helped me push myself to be more adventurous and ambitious. Getting feedback from like-minded people drives me to create even more than I already do.

Isn’t she great? Thanks so much Kristi! I totally have to second the getting involved part. There are SO many people who are probably into the same things as you, all you need to do is put yourself OUT THERE. Comment on blogs, on IG photos, follow people, share links on Facebook, search hashtags. Just like with anything, pour your heart into what you do and you will see results come back X 100.

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