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I’ve not been on top of my quilts in 2016. At the beginning of the year i bought this awesome little quilting organizer from Maker Valley, filled it out all nicely, kept it on my sewing table for a little while, and then stashed it away in the back of a fabric box somewhere. Oops. This fancy lady was the only one to leave the pack of WIP’s. LIFE, AM I RIGHT!?

(WIP = work in progress, btw)

(btw = by the way, lol)

(lol = laugh out loud)

okay I’m done.


If you are a beginner quilter, this is a great pattern! It starts with sewing three long strips of colors together, bordering them with white, then cutting the strips on an angle. So really a lot of straight line sewing; piece of cake! The trick comes when you sew those angled sections together. Lining up the edges is the greatest challenge you’ll face with this one.


I purchased the entire kit for this quilt top (not including batting, backing, and binding) from Craftsy HERE. It’s sold out, but there are SO many great kits on there, and they usually have great sales too!

20160608-dsc_0019 20160608-dsc_0026

I used Warm and Plush, a thicker, heavier batting, and had it machine quilted and hand bound it in some swiss cross fabric I found at Jo-Ann’s.


Hooray for my first finish of 2016! Better late than never? How have you been doing on your project finishes? Slacking (like me) or are you a work horse? Let me know in the comments!



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