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Good day to you, fellow creative. Can I tell you a secret? I’ve been feeling really alone lately. Not lonely, just a lone. Let me explain:

My sister lives in Australia. Ya, it’s awesome, cause I have somewhere to stay and an excuse to go to Australia, but it’s also stupid (we can only FaceTime after 4pm my time, which is like, the witching hour). She’s a photographer and a mother of one, and always helps me out whenever I need her, like teaching me how the heck Lightroom works and designing my logo. Recently all we’ve really been talking about is this: Why can’t we just be happy in the role of a mother? Wouldn’t that be so EASY?

And I really thought things like, ‘all those other moms who run businesses, they LOVE it. They feel fulfilled! Nobody else feels like we do!!!’ Gosh, guys, I feel like an IDIOT. I totally got sucked into the mentality that everybody else’s life is sunshine and roses. BUT I have been LOVING the Marvelous Moms Club podcast lately and in episode 82 they talk about this EXACT THING.

Why do we feel the push to do something over and above being a mom? Does it stem from a lack of self worth? A desire to bring in more income? Are we super human and need more of a challenge than taking care of one or several tiny humans?!

I believe in God. I believe that we have all been given talents and gifts, whether a physical gift like tap dancing or gymnastics (gosh I wish my parents would have put me in gymnastics), or an emotional gift like really understanding people, being a good listener, or being empathetic.

I believe that this nagging feeling I have to keep putting myself out there means that I have something to share. And while I still get in my own head and tell myself negative things and that I have nothing unique to share, I’m gonna keep plugging along cause I’VE BEEN CALLED TO THIS, guys! And you might feel like you’ve been called to something, too.

So, what do you do? Do you squish it, hoping that nobody will notice those bees buzzing in your brain and you can go back to your typical schedule of chauffering children around, attempting to take care of yourself, feeding an army (at least thats what it feels like), and feeling really really comfortable and SAFE?

Or do you stockpile self-help books in your Amazon cart because you are PUMPED about this feeling, google every article known to man about ‘how to start a business,’ start attending meetups for creatives and reaching out to small business owners on social media?

I had a really really powerful desire to put on craft workshops for a long time before I got the guts to just DO IT. And the doing it was the scariest part, but you guys, it was SO WORTH IT. And even if you’re just making the world better by making people a tiny bit happier, than you are doing something great.

I love you, and thanks for reading.



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