One Hour Baby Spartan Halloween Costume

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I tend to get a little OCD about Halloween costumes. Mostly the fact that anything store bought is boring and everything must be handmade. Well NOT THIS YEAR! Ruby’s was bought in advance (like…. August. Ha!) and Clyde’s was so easy ANYONE could whip it up in about an hour.


See what I mean? Worlds easiest Halloween right there.


To whip up this cape, you’ll need:

  • 1/2 yard+ Knit fabric (depending who you are making it for)
  • Velcro
  • Trim
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors

Measure and cut a rectangle the size you’d like. Attach velcro at the top, and sew trim around the edge. SO EASY!
Here Clyde is 21 inches tall (total height, including his head) and the cape drags a little to make it look more regal. I used about 2.25 yards of trim to go around.
To make ankle and wrist cuffs, I sewed 4 tubes out of brown knit. Knit is your best friend if you want quick projects and no edges to finish!
His diaper cover is a rectangle of brown knit tied at the front and back. No sewing there!

Overall, this took me about 1 hour and cost me about $10 for his sword, brown knit fabric, and cape trim (I had the red knit already).

Happy Sewing!

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