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Recently, I became in charge of a local meet up group called Tuesdays Together, under the Rising Tide Society. It is a nationwide meet-up for creative entrepreneurs to foster a sense of community as opposed to competition. There have been personal stylists, graphic designers, freelance writers, bloggers, photographers, and handmade shop owners in attendance, all of which are insanely talented! My attendance at these meetings have got me thinking, who am I? Not in a deep, existential way but in a WHAT IS SWEETGRASS CREATIVE AND WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING?!

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Labels. They’re everywhere. Why do we feel the need to label ourselves? Can I really not be a food/fitness/DIY/motherhood/craft/quilting blogger/Instagrammer? Do I really need to pick one? And HOW do I pick? And is anyone even going to like it!? These are some of the thoughts that are constantly floating around in my head.

Every month when we meet with the Tuesdays Together group I get the chance to sit down with like minded individuals and think about myself. WHAT it is that I am trying to accomplish, WHY I want to accomplish it, HOW I plan to accomplish it. I am able to bounce ideas of people and they bounce their ideas off me. Different points of view are shared. New topics come up. It is the perfect atmosphere for creating and hatching new ideas.

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I’ve been truly struggling lately with being content with where I am now. I shared last week on Instagram how I struggle with the idea of perfection in my eating habits. I’m in the same boat with Sweetgrass Creative. I think these kinds of things require the quiet time alone to work through, but it can also be really really beneficial to brainstorm (and sometimes rant) with other creatives, some of who are in the same boat.

Thank you Rising Tide Society for creating the #communityovercompetition movement and thank you to those who have taken the time to attend a Tuesday Together in the Treasure Valley. These meetings are seriously the highlight of my month. (You can find our Facebook group here!)


If you are looking for a safe place in your area where creative entrepreneurs can share in a spirit of community, check out Rising Tide Society to see if there is a group near you! If not, you could always go ahead and start one 😉

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