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When I started up Sweetgrass Creative, I knew I wanted something in the name tied to my home of Southern Alberta. The mountains and prairies near Waterton National Park are what inspired this venture, so it was really the perfect place to have the very first DIY workshop.

Thank you to Rhonda Steed for the photos!

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These mini banners are my favorite project. They are uber trendy and fairly quick, so you don’t get all depressed that you’ve started ANOTHER project only to leave it in a pile of WIP’s…. (works in progress)

waterton craft workshop2

I was so amazed at the number of businesses that wanted to be a part of the workshop! THANK YOU to each of our sponsors! And take a second to look at those mountains in the distance. That one is Vimy, my favorite peak in the park that gives amazing views of lakes, mountains and prairies. It always makes me feel so tiny. I love it.

Waterton National Park 1



Max & Mila          Coppermine Creek          Bronze and Butterflies

Mountain Haus Studio          Feral Watches          Kelzuki          Mile High Clothing

Proof Eyewear          Seamaid Market          Wild Plum Co


wieners of waterton 1

Wieners of Waterton provided the tastiest homemade dipping sauces for these sweet potato fries. Check them out in the Waterton townsite for hot dogs and fries and my FAVORITE thing ever, homemade falafel with hummus and tzatziki sauce. So good!! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. We dined on white chocolate trail mix and homemade cookies and popcorn balls (made by my sweet grandma!) These workshops are all about crafting but the FOOD is really the crowning jewel! I mean seriously. Those fries look so good right now.

wieners of watertondiy workshop albertasouthern alberta craft workshop
waterton albertawaterton alberta workshop 2DIY workshop waterton 1

My necklaces here are from James Michelle (top) and it’s my kids names and birthstones. Antler and tassel necklace is from Mountain Made (hard working mama makers unite!) T shirt is the most comfortable, best fitting, raddest design from Mile High Clothing Co.

waterton alberta things to docraft workshop albertaDIY workshop watertonwaterton national parkwaterton alberta workshopsouthern alberta craft workshop 4southern alberta craft workshop 3southern alberta craft workshop 1

The perfect little mountain banner. I want to copy it exactly and hang it in my house too!

DIY Craft Workshop Southern Alberta

This photo is blurry but I’m not even mad because these ladies made this event a HUGE success!

I’ve always considered myself more of an introvert than not, so it kind of amazes me that I love these workshops and meeting new people so much. I LOVE CRAFTING WITH YOU GUYS! Be expecting another Waterton Workshop in 2016!

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