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Guys, I honestly feel like someone has stuffed my life in a paint can, locked it into the paint can shaker thingy, hit the green button and just sat and watched for the last 5 months. Summer was amazing: I did a lot of camping, hiked a lot of miles, spent tons of 1-on-1 time with my kiddos, bonded with my sissy who lives way to freaking far away, and put on my first free event and an AMAZING workshop. After 3 weeks living in a trailer outside of our new home of Whitefish, Montana, we have a place to live! We moved in 2 weeks ago! And it took all of those two weeks until someone could come hook up internet. (Guys, how does anyone live without wifi? how?!) We still don’t have some furniture (couch, kids beds, desk) but at least we don’t live in the trailer anymore!

I’m feeling like I’m getting a little closer to my usual life and self, but with a big move and big changes I’m sure it’s gonna take some time until I find my groove again. But at least I can stream Netflix now!

In July, I worked with Leslie of Weaves and Stitches to bring a fabulous weaving workshop to Lethbridge Alberta! Check out these photos by my fabulous sister, Amy Steed Photography. She’s always coming to my rescue when I need her.

Let’s start with talking about food. Guys, if you go to a crafty workshop where there is no food, YOU ARE BEING ROBBED OF YOUR EXPERIENCE. I mean, at least have a yummy drink. I prefer this one, a fresh and hydrating concoction brought to you by The Alison Show. Find it here. And then make it for every event you host or attend.20160720-3a1a8918
Also, donuts. I mean, I’m not a real HUGE donut fan, but I AM a huge Timbit fan. Tim Horton’s knows the way to my heart. You can sit and pop these babies like popcorn and it’s just so satisfying. (USA peeps, I’m sorry if you have never had these. I’m not entirely sure they are different than any other donut holes but they are DELICIOUS and small enough to eat in one bite and also addicting. You’ve been warned.)


We also had some tasty trail mix and roasted chickpeas on each table. Because I like to balance the self indulgence of the donut holes with the healthy chickpeas? And because, I get it, some people prefer salty over sweet! And some people have self control!


Our swag bags included everything you need to become a pro weaver yourself, including a notebook to sketch out your designs and a motivational print from Elevated Market, all tucked in a Sweetgrass Creative tote! Check out the Brave print, it’s my favoriteeeee.


Now, look at this yaaaaaaarn. A local Etsy shop, A to Z Alpacas donated some roving to this pretty pile and Leslie did a wonderful job of picking out the other yarns! Those chunkier yarns are seriously so beautiful in real life, I want one of every color.

20160720-3a1a8955 20160720-3a1a8950

Students had the option to BYOL (bring your own loom) or have one provided to take home. At this workshop, all our students were beginner weavers so everyone got a loom provided.


Now, ONTO THE MAIN EVENT! Leslie was so great about showing each weaving concept. I personally am a visual learner, and with something that is so hands on I’m sure this is the best way to learn. She was so great about answering any questions anyone had and taking the time to walk around and check on each student.

20160720-3a1a8923 20160720-3a1a8925 20160720-3a1a8938 20160720-3a1a8939 20160720-3a1a8942

Rya knots galore! I am obsessed with the variety that workshops bring to a craft, or at least my perception of a craft. It helps me to think outside the box and step outside of my usual aesthetics. But the BEST part of these workshops is that nobody is looking over their shoulders, wondering what their neighbor is working on. Nobody is self-conscious or comparing or judging. It’s just a lady and her loom, with her brain and hands working on creating something beautiful. And I love that.

Now, enjoy a TON of photos!

20160720-3a1a8947 20160720-3a1a894420160720-3a1a8946

Above is a peak at some of the roving! I diiiiie.

20160720-3a1a8973 20160720-3a1a8978 20160720-3a1a8983 20160720-3a1a8976 20160720-3a1a8981 20160720-3a1a8988 20160720-3a1a8999 20160720-3a1a9003 20160720-3a1a9005 20160720-3a1a9014 20160720-3a1a9007 20160720-3a1a9000 20160720-3a1a8989 20160720-3a1a897420160720-3a1a8997

See what I mean? The master teacher!

20160720-3a1a8995 20160720-3a1a8993 20160720-3a1a9019 20160720-3a1a9027

And that’s a wrap! I had so much fun and honestly I LOVE putting on workshops. Look at these ladies! I just love them. If you ever have a location or craft request, don’t hesitate to e-mail me! And soon I’ll be available to HIRE for private events like work parties, baby and bridal showers, girls nights out, ETC. so THAT is pretty exciting!

Love you all and thanks for stopping by!


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